Greetings!  My name is Ahty c:


I have been involved in the furry fandom for many years, primarily within the Luskwood community on SecondLife as a day-to-day helper and member of the event staff.

I've been an active chat participant and lurker in many a Twitch streamers chat for years... MY tale however, begins with taking this up myself.  I have a passion for role playing games - games with stories to be told inside of lush, verdant worlds that stoke the fires of imagination.  I get A LOT more out of games when I'm able to share the experience with friends, like we're all in it together.

At the same time I took up streaming seriously, I'd become very introspective and coming to terms with being non-binary and trans..  A journey I am still on to this day.














It has ever been my goal to create a safe, calm, inclusive space where LGBTQIA+ folks can land and feel that they can just be themselves, free of judgement and negativity... My streams are relaxed and chatty, where validation and encouragement are freely given and everyone is valued.

I'm very excited to be a part of the Storytellers family! Together, with many of the folks I've watched and vibed with over the years - we'll visit exciting, wonderous places and perhaps create a few of our own!