Few of us know the right path to take when we set out on a journey, some of us aren't even sure of the destination. There will always be challenges that knock us off course, sometimes even causing us to end up back where we started.
This doesn't mean we're starting over, we've grown since last time, we've experienced what worked and what didn't, we met friends along the way, and we're stronger for it.

You might have noticed I've been talking about 'we' rather than 'I' and for good reason. Our stories never involve just ourselves and I wouldn't be where I am now without the support of those I met along the way.
I've always tried to be the one to offer the support, to use what I've learned from my setbacks to help keep people on their path, but it has taken the support and guidance of others who have walked the path before me, to push me in the right direction.

That brings me to where I stand on my path now.
A few failed attempts behind me, still unsure of exactly what lies ahead, but through those experiences and the support and guidance of others, I have a map to follow and a fire in my hear to light the way.

Some of my story has already been carved in stone, the rest has yet to be written.