Hello, familiar and new souls alike. Our name is Azikira, Streamer and Crafter.

During our time in this fandom, we've always had a passion for creation. Creations such as art, building worlds, making video games and of course streaming. Our main goal has been and always will be to create content that brings people together, sewing the seeds of kindness and love that one day sprout into a beautiful, blossoming and tight-knit community. We are already so proud of the community we've cultivated over the last two years of streaming.

We originally came from a very low, murky and frightening place; a place that only seeks to stamp out creativity and individualism. The journey has been difficult, with many hardships and heartaches along the way... but we persevere. We continue to push forward and climb, and to help others up along our path. We want to show everyone that you are not bound to the people who seek to snuff out your flame, or the limitations of your mind and body, but that you can be strong and rise beyond in spite of everything set against you. In truth, our story still has a long way to go, but as long as we can continue marching forth together, we know in the end it will all have been worth it.