Hello, y'all! I'm Benjee (he/him), furry, 27 years old and a speedrunner of Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time for over 5 years. Aside from that I casually play Classic NES Tetris & SMW Kaizo ROM Hacks.

As someone struggling with ADD, I was always shamed and excluded from everything in life. I was told that I was lazy, too stupid, that I will never make it out big. Fell into depression & social anxiety from heavy bullying for over a decade, nearly landed on the streets.

But, I made it back and am now studying Software & Information Engineering (4th semester) with a focus on Data Analysis & Business Intelligence (Statistics, Probability, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and such).

My stream aims to be a safety space for everyone regardless who, what or where you are. While I might struggle with attention and concentration, I will always try my best to find time to read your messages and chat with you. Sometimes I'm quiet but that's because I either focus or I have a hard time finding topics to talk about (yay anxiety and limits of my attention & multi-tasking x3).

But don't let that intimidate you to not stop by.
If you talk with me, I can be pretty talkative :3

Let's write this story together and make it a great one <3