Nice to meet ya! The name is BloodYeen! I'm one of the Yeens of Storytellers! Best way to describe my personality is that it flips on a dime, one moment I can be cutesy and cuddly and the next I can be ready to kick someone’s butt ‘cross the room. I try my best to be a variety streamer on twitch but there are times I do tend to focus on games. I do try my best but nobody is perfect so do please bare with me and my sometimes very stupid decisions.

My twitch channel is well...I don't really have a proper theme for it, lots of memes to be had, call it the Blood Den, but I never really put thought into what exactly it is. I do my best for it to be a welcoming place for all, a place where people can come in, relax, and forget the troubles of the day with a good laugh or just chilling out.

My goal for the channel is to make it a place where people can enjoy themselves and forget their troubles. Eventually though, and this has been my dream for a long time, I want to do this full time. That probably won't happen anytime soon but for now, just working on making the channel a welcome place for people from all walks of life.