Hiho, greetings and salutations! I am Buzzling the streaming Buggo. For years I have been enjoying and admiring the work of various content-creators on the various platforms online. they have helped through a lot of tough times and to this day often still do as I suffer from Type 1 Diabetes, confidence issues and anxieties.

In the past 6 years or so I have very slowly been expanding my comfort zone as I have been working in the background of a few content creators as a moderator, learning the craft, meetings new people and getting amazing friends who I love and adore as family. For as long as I have been watching videos online I have been wanting to help others the same way I've been helped by the creators I look up to, and back in January I finally gathered enough courage to finally press the "Start Streaming" button.

I'm hoping to share my own stories from my life with both physical and mental issues as I show off the stories and sceneries from my favourite games in my streams, like the old childhood days of going over to a friend's house and watching them play games, just hanging out and relaxing.