Hello There!
Art by @ariverofstars on Twitter!

Greetings from Daemonum!

My name is Cale Elahi, Denizen and Hunter of Daemonum, that shining beacon of light in the heart of the underworld. I help keep the city safe from those who would wish harm on those who simply wish to live a life of cohabitation. In the meantime I also provide entertainment in the form of my streams - typically those of RPGs, Action Adventure games, and things that I can play with friends and followers alike.

I know I can be a bit grouchy looking - I blame that on the demon, but really underneath it all I'm a kind and gentle person - I blame that on the angel heritage.

One of the things I like about games is the story they attempt to tell, whether it's complex or simple, and I love being able to bring characters to life, through voice, through quipping, and through making the choices that drive the story forward. I certainly hope to see you out and around sometime, and as always, Welcome to Daemonum!