Hello, I'm Cute Myra Fox!

Hi there nice to meet you! You can call me Myra, I am one of the cutest kitsunes on Twitch! As a kid growing up I spend a lot of time alone with my toys and when I got a little older video games. Since the Gamecube and my first DS, video games have always been a close part of my life. When I hit high school I had a lot of family trouble, so I threw myself into Youtube and again video games.

Video games got me through tough times, hard feelings, even break ups. They were my constant. Thanks to some wonderful friends, specifically Arctic Deathwater and Bloodyeen. They showed me how awesome streaming can be and inspired me to do it myself. Now all I want to do is sit back, have fun, and hopefully make more then a few people smile. So if you do stop by, I hope I can get you a smile and brighten your day just a little.