“Dreams Don’t Die”

I always wanted to be someone. Someone who makes people smile and inspires kindness. Someone who reminds people there's still love around and there's a chance for all of us. Someone that encourages others to reach for their dreams and help them.

I always lived in fear and regret, never really engaging in forms of self discovery and pursuing happiness. I was holding myself back. No one deserves that.

My name is Diva, and I have a story to not only tell, but write. I want to share that journey with you. I want to be apart of your journey. You have a dream, and I want you to hold onto it tight. Let’s help grow and realize it together.

Unity. As Storytellers we are united, taking part of each other’s adventure and sharing them. A bond of trust and love to share and spread.

A Spiritual Enthusiast, a Transgender Woman, a Panda, an Artist, and more, the roles are pillars to who I am and the journeys I walk in your stories.

Won’t you come with me?

“Then a Dreamer, I will be.”