Summer Feno landscape



I am Fenotype from Europe and i love Art but i am also like to play videogames as i play nintendo and pc games. 

My favorite game type is Metroidvania games and i also like Legend Of Zelda games plus some spoopy horror games too :3

I am normal Finnish Man who just like to have Fun and i also like to try new things for me while sametime

sharing the fun and firsttime chaos on streams. :3

Did some 3d models when i was a polytechnic student and lately i have started studying 2d art for trying to draw art myself. YAY! 

I have been Furry long as i remember and my fursona is an Escaped Experiment project name "Fenotype82" 

from Military laboratories. I am very passionate and serious but also know how to have fun.

You are always welcome to chat with me on streams 

long as you honor rules from chat.