Greetings everyone, my name is The Guardian of the Fourth Wall. However, you may simply call me Guardian, or Guardiyeen, for short. You may have seen me around before; I tend to be in a lot of places. So where does my story start? Well, it all started when I was but a young child.

            Long before this team started, I have considered myself a storyteller. I am versed in many different mediums, such as art, writing, movie/film, and even the world of video games, a passion that I hope to one day pursue. I enjoy creating stories, characters, and worlds that can bring some sort of enjoyment and entertainment. I have always enjoyed the amount of happiness and entertainment that the many forms of media can bring to others, which is a driving factor in why I enjoy making content.

            In recent years, my passion to entertain has led me into the world of streaming. Little would I know that this simple hobby would change my life in so many ways. Throughout my years of streaming, I have met many wonderful people and friends and have been given wonderful opportunities, one of which being chosen to be a part this team. I strive to make every stream as entertaining and fun as possible, all the while creating a friendly, accepting, and welcoming community that can serve as a safe space from this crazy world we live in.

            However, my story is not quite over yet; as mine is still being written, so is all of yours. I am eager to get to know the stories that you all have to share, and I anticipate what the future holds for us all. I am glad to be writing this chapter of our lives together.

            Now, let us open this book and get started!

                        - The Guardian of the Fourth Wall/The Guardiyeen