Meet Koale34, a 19-yr-old music producer who has had 5 years of involvement in the music industry. Since late 2016, he has taken his music to new heights each and every time in the studio. Today, he makes variety content on Twitch from music to gaming to idiotic antics with every stream!

What kind of content will you see on this channel? You can expect to see Kal either play games with an emphasis on music (i.e. Geometry Dash)! He also aims to create an open-minded and safe space to have open conversations on things that matter.

Thank you for reading, and he can't wait to meet you!

Until then, as he says in all of his streams: "Don't keep it 100, keep it 3400! (You'll see where Koale was headed with this one, don't worry!). Peace out, my koalas!"