If you can learn something new, experience beyond what you know, it's a worthwhile journey to undertake!


Have you ever tried to get closer to someone by following an interest of theirs?

Has that chase sucked you down into a rabbit whole you didn't knew it was there in the first place?


That is what kickstarted my story.

Introverted as I am, a nuisance I thought of myself, I am the sort of friend to others that will usually wait to be reached out to rather than to poke first, so even one of my closest friends was doing things I wasn't quite aware about - Until I learned of it. Streaming, or more specifically, co-streaming.


To see them playing with someone else before the eyes of dozens made me want to participate in this as I figured I could share more time with them and do something with them that they enjoyed doing. It was not that I had not heard of streaming, seen how others were earning their life through it, however I could not see myself reaching such status ever - Sure, maybe if I got something out of it it wouldn't be a bad thing - But my objective was a different one. To strengthen my bond with someone.


In the course to reach this goal I began to learn what I felt there was to learn about streaming. My mannerisms to an audience (even at the lack of one), to handle my co-streaming partners, the technical setup of my own channel - Every stream a new idea came to mind, or I tried to turn an image in my head into something functional that I could show to others. Every day I was learning new things and becoming happy with myself for being productive in such a fashion!

Before I knew it, things began to take off.


Will I reach high and soar through the skies? Perhaps not, but that is not a bad thing. I like to take my time with things, and I appreciate being able to get to know the people that actually join me in playing a game and take the time to chat, help them as they help me. That in itself is a reward, just for trying!