Art by SwampSpectre
Art by SwampSpectre

Hello there!

My name is Lolo and I'm a streamer and content creator with a focus on retro and/or obscure subjects with a sense of character to it. I also have a passion for interesting character designs so I have a myriad of characters that I like to make worlds for and build on. While I do occasionally do random streams based on whatever I'm feeling at the moment, I do have three main shows featured on my channels.

Retro Rank Rhapsody is a show that is focused on taking a look at retro games of all types and see how they stand up to today's standards using a 1-21 based ranking scale. Past episodes can be found on my YouTube.

Media Delta is a show in which a group of co-hosts and me take a look at movies and TV shows that are based on games we looked at in Retro Rank Rhapsody and rank them using the same scale. This can be found at WLDP - Hazel Town Radio or my YouTube.

Hazel Town Story is an actual play tabletop show based on a custom game engine set in a flower-punk universe similar to our own but with anthropomorphic characters and magic. This also can be found at WLDP - Hazel Town Radio.or my YouTube.

All these shows are presented in a light-hearted fashion and in a way promotes celebrating the classics and giving the little-known gems their proper time to shine. I hope that you tune in to these shows and maybe be able to find something new that you can enjoy as much as I do.

-Lolo De Puzlo