Greetings travelers,

I am Lucas, moth experiment and proprietor of my own gaming cabana on twitch.

I am a warm and welcoming indiviual who enjoys a good story, be it my own or one that those who come to visit me wish to share. I strive to make the environment of my channel a warm and welcoming haven for those who need a place to destress, relax and enjoy some crazy shenanigans and wholesome moments.

As for myself, I'm quite an accepting individual; loving, kind and always have a smile on my face even in the darkest of times. Personally I deal with Asperger's day to day but I don't let that stop me or slow me down, I embrace it and use it to my advantage. I use this as my insipiration to others, to tell them that even though things may look sour and dire at times, know that its only if you let it be so. There are those around you that will gladly be there for you, to share in your pain and help you to stand once more should you falter, that is my belief and what I try to promote the most on my channel.

My journey has only just begun, and I know it will be a long one, but I hope that I can be the ray of light that you yourself need should you ever need it, let us forge our journies together and write a story worth telling~!

Lucas Yoshino (Mothie)