"Hello, everybunny," the rabbit said
  and took a long sip of his tea,
and two long ears on the top of his head
  proved that he was a rabbit indeed.

"My story's short, but like a reflection,
  I've decided to tell it in verse.
Call me Paige, if you have no objection,
  and any pronouns should we converse."

He studied in school for most of his days
  learning critical tools for lit,
but applied them to games in most essays
  and now he learns videogame crit.

"Games can tell stories that shape our own tales.
  Both the good ones and the bad ones can be
worth studying for their successes and fails,
  and playing on twitch dot teevee."

While he once enjoyed teaching a classroom,
  He entertains a chatroom instead.
A welcoming place, as you might assume,
  "This is Wonderland" he smiled and said.