Howdy! I'm Lynx Minx, a smol and dumb lynx with a passion for art and games!

As a new artist, It's so amazing to see the work that I have come up with in such a short amount of time, which only furthers my desire to become an even better artist. I had always loved seeing other artist's work, but I never thought I could do the amazing things I draw today. I love the process of painting, taking boundless amount of time to sculpt a beautiful illustration in the end. I love showing my studies and thought process as I draw something. And I love expressing all of this through streaming, to spark someone's interest in seeing the touching art I have yet to share with them.

I've been in the furry fandom ever since I can remember. Although I've experienced many friends come and go, the fandom has always been there for me to pick myself up and get me going again. I also hope that through my streams, I can share in giving back to the community some of that happiness and support that I received in my times of need.

Hope you'll join me on my journey!

Lots of love and cuddles from the Lynx Den! <3


An original character of a Lynx holding arms in front with colorful paint dripping from them.