Hello I'm Cleo local Neko and Princess of Pixel Kingdom.


Welcome to Pixel Kingdom! 


I'm a variety streamer on Twitch. Streaming from Animal crossing new horizons, Final Fantasy 7, breath of the wild all the way too Minecraft. 


I'm hoping to be a mental health advocate, as someone who struggles with a few issues, from Bi-polar to complex PTSD. You are not alone m together we can help each other out!


I am also autistic, dislexic, dyspraxic, suffer from a host of medical issues. From Asthma, congenital heart disease and Ménière's disease and others ( sadly lol ) 


I'm part of the Lgbtqia+ as I'm pansexual and Demi romantic and polyamorous. Everyone has the right to love whom they want! To be who they really are! 


Judgement freezone right here! I'm looking forward to writing our stories together do many opportunities lay ahead!