The SMUGGEST of bastards~
The smuggest of bastards~ Art from PinkBalrog


Hello hello, I happen to be Rai Ryo (like the bread twice, Rye Rye-oh)!  I'm a dirty variety streamer, since at this point everyone else seems to be as well.  As your resident bastard and changeling, I'm just here to vibe out and give smiles.

Just a tiny spooder!
The tiniest of spiders ready to take on the world! Art from KiaWolf


We started our Twitch journey yeeeaaarrrsss ago, but we haven't stopped rolling.  Not yet, and don't plan to stop either!  We don't specialize in any specific category:  Little bit of just chatting, little bit of multiplayer, little bit of solo play.  A way to try and touch the hearts of anyone we can.


Don't worry about the ship back there.
Listen, I found the boat like that. Promise. Don't worry about it. Art from KiaWolf (Again!)


Like I said, I'm here to give smiles.  That's all I've ever been about.

"But where can we find you?" you might ask.

>>Here's the Twitch<<
>>here's that Twitter<<
>>there's a YouTube channel, even,<<
>>here's my website,<<
>>and here's our HumbleBundle Partner link!<<
>>and if you're low on energy, we're partners with Maw Energy too~<<


At least I can admit I'm cute.
I'm probably one of the few people you'll meet that fully admit they're cute. I'm on VRChat too!


Broken Trackers
Sometimes you gotta make due with broken body trackers!


A kobold a day keeps the sads at bay! Art from DollyPants


Be proud. Art from ChicoryFox


Hippity hoppity, I'm gonna beat your ass properly. Art from Niv