Cat On A Banner


Good day [everyone]!
I hope you're ready to jump in a very strange world~

People call me redacted, red, cat, helly, hellcat, keettee, [...]; I do have many names, yes.
I have [many] voices, as some may hear here and there! Also don't mind the accent, French Canadian interdimensional cat here and it may show...!

I'm a bit of a variety streamer and artist, playing metroidvanias, roguelikes, horror games and sometimes some silly coop stuff with friends. At points in the future, art streams may also be considered for doing a few tests around or just for making silly sketch things, do admit I've been nervous around this, but it's definitely a path I consider heavily for the future.

I do like to tinker around and do any silly plan my mind ends up having out of nowhere, as some may end up noticing. Things get a bit chaotic out there when I'm around, oops.
May it be art or random features I think of, you can be sure sometimes I'll be going around doing something new and just be like 'Hey, this happened~'.

I may be loud and chaotic sounding, I know, but I also do my best to give everyone a nice place to meet up and vibe around in a relaxed way. Being around for people and being able to help them relax after what may have been a stressful day is something I care about, things can get hectic and rough and I'm always happy to provide a safe spot for everyone around.

That was a mouthful, oof!
I hope you all have a [w-won-onderful] day...<3



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