It's me, Scott the dork dragon!

Hi! I'm Scott, also known as ScottDerg online!

I am a Canadian webcomic artist that wants to tell their own stories to inspire people.


My Twitch content:

Art streams: For one, I like to draw and stream the work I do for my Patreon platform or even do commissions on stream! At times I may even work on my webcomic, there is a lot to draw and I want to share that process with everyone!

I draw a lot of things!



PMD Tabletop Roleplay: I'd say Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (AKA: PMD) is one of the main reasons I loved telling stories since I was young. It is what also got me to socialize more with people and it's overall a blast! I also create a bunch of the assets here!

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon!



Videogames: I love playing a game with a good story or a cool gameplay mechanic. I like rogue-like games the most, ut in terms of story games I like RPGs the most. Heck I'd love to live in a videogame world too I guess. Haha.


So, if you like to see crazy or someone who is losing their mind over a bunch of projects they have on their plate, join me and watch me tell, create or enjoy many stories together!


   -Scott, the dork dragon