Live now! 103

My name is ScreamingDoggo.

I’ve always been referred to as a social butterfly, or better known as someone who can get along with anyone and everyone and easily makes friends. So my story begins with knowing I have a passion to be part of everyone’s lives!

I was pretty much yeeted into this world, and little did I know the change of a name and sharing my passion for gaming/social interaction would become such a big part of my life and a dream to pursue after searching for so long.

Through the course so far my eyes have been opened, I’ve gained interests in so many more genres and adapted to being a much more open person in general. Can you believe I actually have a fear of public speaking/preformance?

I want to be someone you can reach out too, someone who you can trust and share your own stories with. I want to help show that you can be true to who you are and shine because of it. To help inspire like I was, to break out of her comfort zone and tell her tale.

I’ve taken from family, friends and games to be who I am today. So why not tell me how you became who you are?

Let’s write our stories side by side, and grow by learning from them! Let this loud doggo show you what she is made of!

ScreamingDoggo (Sinful)