Hi I’m ShadowWolfLP! But people call me “Shadow” or “Wolf” – Depending on your preference!

I'm a 30-year-old British streamer who suffers from Anxiety and depression. I have incurable hereditary disease known as ""Autoimmune Hepatitis"" (AIH). I started streaming as an escape from my own loneliness as I was advised to stay in my house for the foreseeable future due to the illness and the risk of the current pandemic. I started by Streaming Alan Wake for a friend of mine on Mixer. Which led to me streaming on Twitch where I have grown a small community and was a part of a Month-long charity stream event for Extra Life where myself and 11 other streamers raised $10,000.

I'm nervous every time I go live but I love it. It's what has kept me going, just seeing familiar names in chat as well as getting to meet new ones.

Hope to meet you soon!