My name is Silverwing, and this is my story:

I'm a 27 year old transgender woman. I was born male, but am actively transitioning to female. As I was growing up, life wasn't easy. I was poor, sheltered, and outcasted. I kind of hated life, and hated myself. I lived this way for years, always knowing something was wrong about myself. I never felt right in my own body. I eventually came to the realization I wasn't meant to be male. But I was too scared to say anything. So I hid it. And I kept hiding it, and letting my true self stay locked away in the dark. It got to the point I nearly ended everything. But.... with my friends and family I met over the internet I didn't. And I'm glad I didn't.

My name is Silverwing, and I am very proud to be here to share my story with you all! I am a very lovable, kind, and giggly little barn swallow girl. I just want to see you smile, and happy! I like to try to consider my birdhouse (which is to say my channel) a place where everyone from every walk of life can come in, and just relax, chill out, and have welcoming place they can just be themselves, without fear of scorn, or malice. We don't judge, we don't hate, and we don't discriminate! We just love, laugh, and have fun!

So... with that all being said, I very much look forward to hearing your story, and welcoming you into the ongoing one that is the story of Silverwing and her family!