One troublemaker cloud. A cheeky fluff ball with a soft heart, like most cats! A house cat with a splash of fox, that's me!

My name is Tabby! (Or Tabitha if I'm in real trouble!)

  I started my story during a time of loneliness, which I'm sure has been felt by many. I decided I wanted to make a warm and welcoming place where anyone could take a seat. To chat and meet new friends, or if they just wanted to listen to the background noise for a bit of company. That's how the my Cat Café started! You'll often hear my ramblings about the world, and silly stumbles over words; I love a focus on community and chatting with everyone - even if that means I end up falling off a platform in game!

Soft Tabby cuddling lots of different cats

So please, do take a seat! I want to hear your stories, and tell you my own. Together we can share and grow from each others experiences and find new friends, maybe even a new favourite coffee order (And don't worry, there will be lots of cats too).