Hi! I am Tech Ipsodan, also known as Arumar the Dragon.

I am a 23-year-old software developer and my story starts with the idea to stream for myself.

For my streams, I am planning some VR streams along with retro games! I love interacting with my watchers and getting suggestions for what to play and hearing your stories.

Art by NicOpossum
                                    Art by NicOpossum


Within Storytellers, I will be managing the team website, and work on other cool integrations. I'm glad to be able to support amazing streamers that I look up to every time.

What will the future bring? How will this all work out? I might not have the answers but am excited to build our path together and see where we end up. However it will go, I hope to bring joy and entertainment to all of my viewers.

Let's open this book and write our own stories for years to come!