Live now! 33

Hello and Welcome to Everyone! Please take your seats as the show is about to begin.

First, an introduction! 

My name is Craftyfox, host of The Adventure Network  and I would like to share a short tale with you, my tale if you please.

Our story begins a few years ago when I started on a journey born of curiosity and a very dangerous question…

“What if?” “What if I tried this streaming thing?  It looks like fun and I’d love  to share my love of random things so why not.”. 

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, of the nights spent in laughter and those spent in tears, some happy, some sad. Of sharing con horror stories, cooking recipes, bad jokes and all the gaming to be had both alone and with friends. And it was through all of this I came to realize something. 

That this is not my tale I want to tell, it’s our tale, our story..

Life is not about telling my story, it’s about sharing & building all of our stories together. 

And with that I had found the reason why I stream. I want to provide a space where all feel welcome and safe to share their stories. A place where we can laugh, cry and just “be” together for a little while. 

And that my friends bring us to the end of this tale but never fear! This is only one tale, many have happened before and many are still waiting to be told. There is only a question, a small request if you will, for me to ask before we go our separate ways. 

Would you care to join me someday in writing the next chapter of this never ending story?