Live now! 17

Hey there! I'm an otter with the name Tischotter. (Pronounced like "Tish-Otter".)
In my streams I'm doing art, I'm playing a variety of games and I love talking with different people all over the world, learning about their stories. But where did my story begin?

I've always been interested in learning new things and expressing myself in different creative ways. About 13 years ago, when I watched someone drawing in school, my mind immediately went: I want to be able to draw like that! I started reading books about it, watched tutorials on the internet and some day I decided to upload my art. But it didn't stop there. I wanted to do so much more! I also wanted to animate, make music, learn how to sew, record videos, listen to people's stories, ... the list is much longer. But I was kind of overwhelmed by all the things I wanted to do and at the same time I didn't manage to keep track of all of them.

A few years ago I started studying media computer-science. Something where I learned how to combine my creative hobbies with some knowledge about human psychology and new skills I was about to learn like 3D-modeling and programming. I finally found ways to combine my hobbies and met a lot of other creatives.
About a year ago one of my fellow students told me she started streaming and showed me emotes she drew. What? Something I didn't try to do yet? Let's go!
I can't even express how much this decision changed my life. In streaming, I found a way to help others and make their day at least a bit better by doing what I love doing.

So here I am. Ready to listen, ready to talk and ready to fill this book with stories.