Hello! My name is Vinci and I'm a full time furry content creator. I stream a variety of games on Twitch but I'm mainly known for my laid back VRChat and Just Chatting streams. My goal has and will always be, to bring happiness to everyone that takes the time to watch my content.

I also do ASMR and VRChat Skits on YouTube as well as dabble in writing when I have the time. I'm currently working on a few fantasy novels and hope to start on a webcomic very soon.

I sometimes ask myself why I push so many projects on to myself but the answer will always be because I want to give back to my community. They have supported me when I was down and helped me through a lot of bumpy roads. I want to give back to everyone in any way I can.

And I want you all to remember, its not about how fast you get somewhere, its about the journey. "Don't measure yourself on someone else's timeline" It doesn't matter if somebody does something faster than you. What matters is the fact you made it there. So don't give up hope and never let go of your dreams.

Best regards to you all,