I'm a very chill feline with a love for gaming, particularly RPG/JRPGs. Been giving other games a try to maintain a level of interest so I can join in in more co-op with friendly faces. I normally work within the Animal Health area, so I also have a passion for caring and nurturing injured and sick animals (especially cats, mostly cuz I never owned anything else). I also have a hidden talent in art. As a kid, I was always painting and drawing a lot of different things. However, it has been a talent not well nourished. Now, I do as best I can to continue practicing and learning techniques and better ways to express my ideas (good friends can expect a gift art from me). As long as I have free time available, I've been streaming mainly to share my experiences, gaming or IRL, with others out there and reach out to those with whom I share both the same passion for gaming, as well as develop new friendships and strengthen current bonds with others. Always hoping to give a helping paw whenever I can.