Live now! 35

Heyo, my name is Ghost.

I’ve been on twitch for years but only started taking streaming seriously for the past few months; following new hobbies in 3D modelling and brushing up on art as a full-time option; the past year or so has been extremely challenging to me both on social levels and personal levels.

I still consider myself an avid learner in all that I do but if it brings joy to others to have their characters with them, have a good time or bring a piece of ourselves closer together with what I do then this has been by far the most fulfilling job to me!

This part of my journey has taken unexpected twists; from meeting people I’d never even dream of meeting to being able to work alongside them to bring entertainment and joy to those around me, this is something that myself from years ago would just believe as some sort of fallacy. So pinch me! I must be dreaming!

I believe that I’m more a streamer of variety as what I’d intended when I started. I started with inspiration and a passion from watching people stream with such a loving and energetic personality and I just wanted to be able to be that kind of individual who could impact those around me positively and build bonds with those around me.

I’m so surprised to be where I am today and it’s thanks to you amazing people for helping me do what I love best and be able to make something of it. Thank you! - Ghost