My name is Zoomizoomi, but you can call me Sami!

So you wanna hear my story? Well lucky for you, I’m my favorite topic! My story begins in a small, and closed-minded little village. Far from any beaches, oceans, or friends. I started my life in 12 years of Private Religious education!

And it didn’t stick!

Nowadays im just your local angry, bisexual egirl. I’ve got pink hair, a denim jacket, and a laugh that can fill a room. I’m confident, courageous, and not careful! I’m strong, sturdy, but not subtle. From my transition to my escape from that little village, I’ve fought for everything I have. And I ain't slowing down anytime soon!

I’m always me. I don’t slow down. And boy howdy do I love video games! My degree is in media and communication in general, but I’ve been playing games since I was 6! I love a good story, and I love analyzing the stories presented to me in video games. I never really thought I’d one day find a group of folks who enjoyed hearing me analyze media, but here we are!

That’s a pretty decent story so far, don't ya think? Well, I can one up it! But I’ll need your help too, hun. I’m ready to sit down and craft some excellent stories, I’d love to have you all with me for those stories!

This is gonna be a brand new chapter, and I’m super stoked to write it with y’all!