HELLO AND HIYO! My name's Zozo, and it's nice to meet you! I'm a demon possessed animatronic and my little Horrorshow is called the Maniacal Mechanical Menagerie!  I have a lot of history behind me, and my life experience has been unique in a lot of ways, despite quite a few things making it difficult, like my ADHD.
I've only been doing content creation for about 2 years, only streaming in the last year, and it's been something that I have found a passion for.

     For many years I struggled with wanting to entertain people, yet not having the confidence in both my appearance and my skills in order to find the outlet. I'm a trans woman, who's lived most of her life in the southern U.S., so I've had my struggles, and been isolated a lot, but finding the furry and vtuber communities have helped me immensely!  Beyond all of that, I like to use my experience and education to inform and maybe improve the lives of others. Telling my stories, finding people I connect with, and learning new things are all very important to me and have helped me through a lot of difficult times, and I hope that I can help others through my content, even if it's just to make them laugh at something ridiculous.

I'm happy to be here, and look forward to bringing my circus to more people!